These are the fruits that provide the most calcium

Did you know that you can find calcium in many non-dairy foods? There are even fruits with more calcium than milk! Calcium is a very important mineral for the human body because it is responsible for building healthy teeth and bones, even preventing people from suffering from osteoporosis.

Ingesting 1 or 2 mg of calcium daily has numerous health benefits because it helps to improve blood clotting, to maintain a normal heart rhythm and to relax and contract muscles. Therefore, from Citrus Siscaret we present you with a list of the fruits and vegetables with the most calcium.

Fruits with the most calcium

  • Kiwi: this fruit contains a natural calcium content of 34 mg per 100 grams consumed . In other words, a kiwi can have up to 60 mg of this mineral. Undoubtedly, a great option, as much as the following:
  • Oranges and mandarins: these citrus fruits contain 43 mg of calcium per 100 grams and with several pieces a day you can meet a large part of the recommended daily intake, which is around 1,000 mg.
  • Dried figs: this is one of the fruits with more calcium than some dairy products, as with just one fig, you receive 13 mg of this mineral. Don't you think it should become an essential food in your daily diet?
  • Rhubarb: watch out for this one because it's one of the most outstanding items you'll find, with a calcium content of 58 mg per 100 grams!
  • Guavas: for every 100 grams of guava you get 18 mg of calcium. Another excellent option for varied meal endings.
  • Plums: with each intake of this fruit you get an intake of... up to 75 mg of calcium! As you can see, the diversity is enormous and you can try everything.
  • Blackberries: if you like intense flavours, this choice is for you. Blackberries are one of the most calcium-rich fruits on the market, containing up to 35 mg of calcium per 100 gram serving.


Other foods rich in this mineral

In addition to fruit, here is a list of other foods with more calcium that we feel it is necessary to highlight. Don't forget to follow a balanced weekly diet that includes several of the products we are going to mention to keep you in the best of health:

  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin contains good levels of iron and calcium and is even a great ingredient for desserts! Have you tried it in creams or purees?
  • Broccoli: it forms part of the group of fruits and vegetables with the most calcium because it contains 47 mg of the mineral per 100 grams. One of the most popular, without a doubt.
  • Courgette: it is a very nutritious vegetable and is also rich in iron, magnesium and sodium.
  • Thistle: this is clearly one of the foods with the most calcium in this post, as per 100 grams you get 114 mg of the mineral and it also contains high levels of vitamin B3.
  • Spinach: contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and vitamin A. Totally complete! They will be a great addition to your daily diet.
  • Cauliflower: we come to the last of the fruits and vegetables with the most calcium with this outstanding food, which for every 100 grams of product you will obtain around 22 mg of the mineral. It is an excellent addition to your salads!

After this extensive list, you can't say that you're short of ideas to prepare a menu that will bring you all kinds of benefits.


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