Grapefruit and orange juice recipe

We know that, during the hot and summer seasons, what our users enjoy most are refreshing and sweet drinks or snacks. Therefore, we tell you how to make the best grapefruit and orange juice to surprise your friends or family at meals and snacks.

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How to make orange and grapefruit juice

How difficult can grapefruit and orange juice be? In principle, none, as it is within the reach of anyone who is a "cook". However, no recipe is the same as any other, and that is why we want to explain step by step what we do for the recipe of the tastiest drink you will ever try.


  • Natural oranges (if they are blood oranges, the better)
  • Natural grapefruit

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  • Water and ice cubes
  • Natural lemon (optional)
  • Sugar or sweetener

Juice production

Do you already have everything you need to prepare the grapefruit and orange juice combo? It's time to get down to work; it only takes a few minutes to make this simple recipe. Here are all the steps:

  1. First, wash the fruit and cut each piece into two halves. Then squeeze them to get all the juice out and put them in the freezer for an hour to keep them cold. If, on the other hand, the fruit was already cold, you can skip this step.
  2. Mix all the juices (oranges, grapefruit and lemon) in the same jug and stir so that everything comes together homogeneously.
  3. I hope you've thought about ice cubes! Make sure you've bought or made them in advance so that the drink stays cold and you can enjoy the grapefruit and orange juice that much more.
  4. Once the drink is cold, add sugar or sweetener to taste, until it is at your preferred sweetness or sourness.
  5. And now you can enjoy this summer snack!

Why combine grapefruit juice with orange juice?

The combination of these two fruits is explosive, as you will reach a middle ground between the acidity of the grapefruit and the sweetness of the orange; even if you choose to use blood oranges in your preparation, you can reduce the acidity of the juice to reach an optimal level between the two. BUY BLOOD ORANGES You can even reduce the acidity of the juice to reach an optimal level between the two - the most surprising thing for your favourite drink!

In addition, these two fruits have high levels of beneficial components for the metabolism, so by combining them you will not only be drinking a refreshment rich in vitamins, but you will also be boosting its flavour and properties exponentially.

However, there are also studies that confirm a number of contraindications of grapefruit (such as hypertension or cholesterol), but there are more health benefits than disadvantages. You don't have to worry about that!

Benefits and properties of grapefruit and orange juice

To convince you to make this juice of grapefruit and orange juice on your afternoons off in spring or summer, here are some of the benefits of these fruits and why they are increasingly recommended by professionals.

Drinking grapefruit and orange juice on an empty stomach

Did you know that drinking this juice on an empty stomach has a lot of benefits for the body? As it has a high percentage of water and minerals, it acts directly on the insulin levels in your metabolism and regulates them.

Improves the properties of our skin

The vitamin A contained in these fruits is perfect for keeping your skin in the best possible condition, increasing its shine thanks to the nutrients it receives. In addition, they contain almost no fat.

Provides a variety of nutrients and minerals

In short, grapefruit and orange juice is highly beneficial, not only for our physical appearance, but also for our health. It improves our immune system and acts as a powerful antioxidant.


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