A new season for selling oranges begins

Arrived the month of November in Naranjas al Día we began the sale of oranges online. We have already warmed up with the sale of Marisol mandarins and now begins the distribution of the queen of the house, the sale of oranges.

As every year we start the orange season with the Navelina variety. This variety of oranges is not only the most expected for being the first of the season but also has a lot of juice, is very sweet and has no pips. It has an unmistakable image due to its intense orange colour, it has an oval shape and its navel protrudes a little.

Table, juice and unsorted oranges

Already in his day we explained the difference between the different boxes that we make in Naranjas al Día. As every season, before sending the first boxes, we establish the different sizes of juice oranges and table oranges.

In view of this year's production, which due to weather conditions will be smaller in number of tons but larger in size, we have established that oranges that are between 69 and 79 mm in diameter will be considered as juice oranges while all oranges over 79 mm will be table oranges.

Amount of sugar in the orange

One of the most important decisions when starting to sell oranges is their sugar ratio. Throughout the season we carry out different checks on the different varieties to see what degree of sweetness they have. To do this we use a refractometer.

This simple but very important device is easy to use. You just have to squeeze a little juice on a protruding tab, close it and look through the display. In this display you will see some marks (like a thermometer) in which you will see the degree of sugar in the selected juice.

The canons mark that from 12 degrees the orange already has an optimal sweet taste for sale. In the tests carried out yesterday the juice oranges gave us a ratio of between 13 and 14 degrees while the table oranges exceeded 14 degrees.

With all the tests done it is time for the sale of oranges. What better than an orange juice to combat the coming winter.

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