An intense summer in Villa Luz

August is coming to an end and with it an intense summer in our farmhouse Villa Luz. A Valencian house with more than two centuries of history, completely restored, which has already been visited by families of 10 different nationalities.

During these two months of July and August there has always been a family at Villa Luz. Everyone has been able to enjoy a swimming pool with history, the mountains, the orange and mandarin orange groves, the beach... and an infinity of opportunities that the Valencian Community has to offer.

Villa Luz is becoming a home. A place where families can enjoy themselves. Where parents can rest after many days and months of work, relaxing on the different terraces or under the shade of the trees while the little ones run around the property or enjoy the pool.

One of the great joys of Villa Luz is its international reach. French, Belgians, Dutch, Australians and Americans among other nationalities have already passed through Villa Luz. A perfect hub from which to visit the Valencian Community.

The guestbook of Villa Luz is in English.

If you turn the pages and look through the guest comments in the Villa Luz guestbook you will notice that the predominant language is English. Every family that passes through leaves a comment, a dedication or a memory. Since the first people wrote in English it seems that the unwritten rule has been established that it is the official language of Villa Luz.

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