Orange Apple Smoothie: Homemade Recipe

The hot days are here and the first thing that comes to mind to cool off is a good fruit smoothie. Which one is your favourite? At Cítricos Siscaret we have many combinations in mind, but today we want to show you how to make an orange and apple smoothie for you to enjoy with the arrival of summer.

Are you ready to get down to work? Follow our steps in orderly fashion and you will achieve an excellent and delicious result!

How to make an orange and apple smoothie?

To prepare a nice glass of our orange and apple smoothie you will need these materials and ingredients:

  • Two oranges to squeeze their juice
  • An apple of your choice, either green or red
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Natural yoghurt
  • A juicer
  • A blender

Have you made sure you have everything at hand? Now it's time to start the process of making our orange and apple smoothie:

  1. The main step is to cut the two oranges in half and squeeze out the juice. Next, remove the skin from the apple so that it does not interfere with the texture and flavour of the smoothie and cut it into small pieces with a knife.
  2. The next step is to calculate the quantity of the other ingredients to be used. About 150 mL of milk and a couple of large spoonfuls of natural yoghurt will be enough, but you can always adapt the recipe to your taste to make it more or less creamy. However, never too thick.
  3. Now that you have all the ingredients ready, it's time to pour them into the blender to make the mixture. Also, this way, the more solid ingredients will be crushed and you won't encounter any stumbling blocks when you achieve the desired texture.
  4. If you've reached this point, you've already got your smoothie at an ideal point. But as we have already said, you can always adapt it to your taste by adding a moderate amount of milk and yoghurt to make the creaminess more noticeable.

Did you like our orange and apple smoothie? We look forward to reading your comments, suggestions or ideas, as creativity knows no bounds when it comes to preparing recipes like this one.

What we do recommend before we say goodbye is that all the food you use should be of good quality, and for your citrus fruits, we are the specialists you should trust.

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