How to make lemon ice lollies

We are sure that, to combat the heat and at the same time take care of yourself, what you most want is a delicious, healthy and fresh lemon popsicle. Would you like to learn how to make it at home? We tell you two different ways! You just have to take into account that you have to make them with the best lemons on the market that you can buy at Cítricos Siscaret.

Recipe for homemade lemon ice lollies

If you want to learn how to make homemade lemon ice lollies, you should know that ice lollies are a favourite of many people because they are so easy to prepare. In this article, we explain the easiest recipe to make them without the need for dairy products.


  • Natural lemons (in our online shop you can find the best on the market)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Additives or additional elements (such as ginger or peppermint)

Preparation of lemon polo

As you'll see, you don't need many ingredients to make these homemade ice lollies, so you can get started early in the morning and enjoy a cool snack that afternoon. Follow the steps!

  1. First, squeeze all the juice from the lemons (depending on the moulds you want to fill) and pour them into a small jug after straining them.
  2. Using the skin of the peel, cut some strips and mix them in a saucepan with the sugar and additives to taste. Once together, create a thick syrup by bringing it to the boil.
  3. When everything is ready, pour it into the moulds and put it in the freezer for about 10 hours.Et voilà, you have something sweet to eat.

Homemade creamy lemon popsicles

If you were thinking of a homemade but creamy lemon popsicle, we have the perfect recipe for the little ones too! recipe perfect for the little ones in the house! Take pencil and paper to write down all the steps and enjoy a delicious snack on these hot afternoons.


  • Natural lemons (get yours now at Siscaret Citrus)
  • Whole milk and condensed milk
  • Sugar
  • Plain or Greek yoghurt

Making lemon ice cream

Once you have all the ingredients and utensils to start making them, follow our recipe on how to make lemon popsicles in a simple way to surprise your guests with a delicious appetizer. Go ahead!

  1. To begin, squeeze the juice from the lemons into a bowl; make sure there are no leftovers by straining all the liquid.
  2. Mix the two types of milk, the sugar (in small quantities, since we have condensed milk), the lemon juice and the yoghurt in a bowl, stir well and add whipped cream in case the mixture is too sour!
  3. Put the thickened liquid into moulds adapted to the shape of the popsicles and put it in the freezerfor 10 to 12 hours, depending on the level of coldness of the freezer.
  4. Enjoy alone or with your friends!

The 3 benefits of lemon popsicle

Did you know that lemon ice lollies are beneficial for our organism? Despite containing sugar and other additives, fruit and water are essential elements for hydrating our body. Here we tell you why you should eat these foods and our recommendations.

‚ėÖ Rich in vitamins and minerals

If you want to know how to make lemon ice lollies, you must first take into account that this citrus fruit is very beneficial for the human body. beneficial for the human body It has a high content of vitamins, such as vitamin A and C, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

‚ėÖ Low calorie

We know that homemade creamy lemon popsicles contain enough calories, but if you opt for ice popsicles, they are only composed of water, juice and a little sugar. In this sense, it's an ideal choice if you're on a balanced diet.

‚ėÖ Moisturise and refresh

This is the best part! On the hottest days of the year, you can easily make lemon popsicles and hydrate yourself with a tasty and refreshing snack. Would you like to enjoy this sensation? Dare and get to work in your kitchen.

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