English lemon marmalade

If you are a citrus fruit lover and you love to have good toast with marmalade for breakfast, read on! We tell you everything you need to do to make the best English lemon marmalade.

Benefits of lemon

Before you get down to work to make your English lemon marmalade, we want to tell you about some of the wonders that this citrus fruit can bring to your everyday life, so that you can start cooking with even more enthusiasm.

Eliminates toxins

Lemon is a perfect ally for detoxifying the body. Not only is it perfect for cleansing the liver, but it also helps the intestine to digest food, eliminating the feeling of heaviness. It is also a good bactericide.

Moreover, its main component is water, so it is very low in calories.

Vitamin C and Potassium

Thanks to these properties, lemons are excellent for improving the immune and nervous systems and taking care of our brain. In addition, many studies claim that they help prevent cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cataracts thanks to the fact that they strengthen our defences.

Regulates Ph

Despite having citric acid, lemons are anatural remedy against acidity in the body. Thanks to this, many diseases that can arise over time due to this ailment can be avoided.

At Cítricos Siscaret we know how important they are for a healthy body. we have lemons of the best quality, produced and picked the same day by Naranjas al Día. We send them to your home, so that you only have to worry about enjoying all the advantages that these fruits have.


There is still something left to get you going, you need to select all the ingredients. The higher the quality of each ingredient, the better the final result of the recipe will be!

To make your English lemon marmalade you will need three lemons, two whole eggs and the yolk of another, 125 g margarine and a quarter of a kilo of sugar.

It is important to note that these quantities are not necessarily exact. Some people want to use less sugar, others less margarine... This will mainly affect the consistency of the English lemon marmalade.


How to make English lemon marmalade

To begin, grate the peel of two lemons and, once you have done this, squeeze the juice from the three lemons you have selected at the beginning. When you have 100 millilitres of this juice, you can move on to the next step.

Take a bowl and break the two eggs, add the egg yolk, the lemon zest you obtained in the previous step and the sugar and start beating everything until it is a homogeneous mixture.

When you have achieved a creamy texture , it's time to put it in a bain-marie! Chop up the margarine, pour it into the same saucepan where you have poured all the ingredients and start stirring.

It is normal for a thin white layer to appear at first, don't worry, it will disappear as it warms up.

Once the water starts to boil, it should be left to cook for approximately 10 minutes more, but now with the heat slightly lower.

After this time, turn off the heat and leave the lemon marmalade to stand for a few minutes. Pour into a jar and leave to cool outside the fridge - when it has cooled, it's ready for you to enjoy!


Uses of English lemon marmalade

Although the most widespread use of lemon marmalade is as a spread on toast, croissants or other pastries in the morning, it is not the only one! A touch of these jams can help you reinvent your dishes and make them taste amazing.

Many fish are eaten with a few drops of lemon, so why not enjoy them with a jam made with this ingredient?

It is also very common to find it on cheese boards, as the contrast of sweet and salty flavours will win over even the most demanding palates. It can also be used in salads to intensify its flavour.

The key is to let your imagination run wild and experiment!

After reading this article, if you feel like making your own English lemon marmalade, remember that we offer you the best raw material with no additives, grown by ourselves.

If you have any questions about this recipe or any other aspect, do not hesitate to contact us at contact with us and we will be happy to help you.

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