Vitamin C can cure cancer while there are children who do not know the orange

Friday mornings are not as busy as other days. Not having to harvest and prepare orders allows us to catch up on other jobs that have not been done. Checking the state of the drip irrigation rubber, removing weeds, pruning, new seedlings and an innumerable number of maintenance tasks.

But it is also time to sit down and stop to read a little about new trends, production and agri-food developments related to oranges and tangerines or any news related to our citrus fruits. A brief glance at the press and we find 2 opposing news. A very positive one and a second negative one that takes the first one to the trash.

Let's start with the positive news. The multitude of properties and benefits that orange brings to our health continues to be investigated. In the USA, more specifically at Jhons Hopkins University, it has been shown that Vitamin C can help to suppress and even stop the progression of incurable forms of colon cancer.

According to the study, this effect of vitamin C is due to the fact that ascorbic acid produces a large amount of hydrogen peroxide in the fluid surrounding the tumor, which is capable of killing cancer cells.

Scientists hope that injections of vitamin C can help in the near future to save patients with these cancers, or at least improve their condition.

On the other hand, all the advances and discoveries of the benefits of oranges and tangerines are ruined if we read headlines like "there are many children who do not know the taste of a tangerine or an orange". Unfortunately, it is becoming an everyday occurrence to eat poorly at home, especially for children. Long working days mean that, in many cases, food is neglected.

The shopping basket becomes an amalgam of ready-made products and pastries and we don't stop for a second to cook and increase the consumption of fresh fruit. In the news of the newspaper of Ibiza pediatricians highlight the poor nutrition of our children and the headline of the text is an alarming call of the situation in which we find ourselves.

Many of the illnesses, both the temporary ones such as colds and the chronic ones such as some types of cancer or Alzheimer's can be prevented with a constant healthy diet. Spain has it easy, the Mediterranean diet offers us all the necessary nutritional contributions but, once again, we have sold the diet abroad and we have not consumed it at home.

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