The Papay family visits Villa Luz

Last week we were showing you our rural houses in the avocado farms of the Canary Islands.

Today is the turn of Villa Luz. A beautiful house in Corbera, Valencia that we will present it through the eyes of the Papay family.

Megan, Micheal and Piper are the members of a family from California, USA, who have spent a week at l'hort de la Llucera and have been able to enjoy the "smell of the orange trees in the evenings" as Megan, a lover of Valencia who for the first time brought her family to visit the land she loves so much, signed the guestbook.

But in addition to tourism, they have bathed in the beaches of Cullera and have visited Valencia and Alicante, they were looking for a place to "relax, recharge energy and reconnect as a family" said Megan, who assured us that Villa Luz "is the perfect place".

A 19th century Valencian house that we have rehabilitated this 2014 and that has 3 bedrooms with own bathroom, capacity for 7 people and that will allow you to relax in its terraces, to walk by its fields of orange trees as well as to contemplate the mount of carob trees and olive trees at the foot of which Villa Luz is situated.

You can also enjoy the gastronomy. In addition to the best fruit from Naranjas al Día, Villa Luz has a spectacular kitchen and an outdoor barbecue.

At the end of the guestbook note, the youngest of the Papay family, Piper, wrote to us in capital letters:

I love the pool

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