How many oranges can you eat per day?

Are you trying to improve your diet and include more fruit in your routine? Do you know how many oranges you can eat per day? Although this is a relative figure that will depend on your metabolic rate, experts have decided to take a closer look over the years to give you an estimated measure of how many oranges you can eat a day.your consumption.

Everything in excess is harmful, so it is important that you maintain a balanced diet in certain foods and do not abuse their beneficial aspects. Read on and find out how many oranges you can eat a day!

What happens if I drink orange every day?

Oranges are one of the most demanded fruits by consumers in the market, and this is due to their exquisite flavour and the great amount of benefits they contain for our organism; however, many people wonder if eating too many oranges is bad for our health. Can you guess the answer?

According to the magazine MejorconSaludeating oranges every day is very profitable for the well-being of our body, as it is a totally natural food that has vitamin C, carbohydrates, folic acid, minerals and fibre, as well as a strong pro-vitamin A activity . Everything you need!

Now that you know that this is possible, we recommend that you drink it directly and not in squeezed juice, as it loses some of these components.

How many oranges a day: expert recommendations

Are you wondering how many oranges you can eat a day to adapt your meals to a balanced diet? This fruit, by itself, is largely beneficial for your health, but we must consider a series of recommendations so as not to take it in excess and acquire undesirable habits.

This time we must consult the experts, because, according to the "5 a day" Scientific Committee, a piece of 100 or 150 grams provides the nutritional values we need throughout the day. Therefore, taking into account the weight and measurements of the fruit, the ideal is to eat two pieces of orange a day.

What about orange juice? In that case, as it loses a certain amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals in the process, it is likely to be drunk more heavily (as well as being less filling), but remember to drink it when it is freshly squeezed. Go for it!


Benefits of eating orange: is it good for your health?

If the opposite happens to you and you find it difficult to eat this type of fruit, you should know that there are a large number of benefits to eating oranges, making them one of the main foods in balanced diets. We will tell you about them:

Boost your energy

The high levels of glucose in oranges are one of the factors that make them a fruit widely consumed by sportsmen and women in their daily lives in order to increase their energy and improve their performance, and all in a natural way!

Acquire vitamins and minerals

Are these foods essential for our health and development? The truth is that it is not so important to know how many oranges you can eat per day as the percentage of nutrients, minerals, fibre and vitamins that you can acquire with each serving of this fruit, and the reality is that you acquire them in large quantities.

Improve your immune system

The vitamin C in oranges is a component that strengthens the immune system, protecting us from illnesses and infections such as colds. Find out how many oranges you can eat a day and improve the quality of your body!

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