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Have you run out of gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? Are you not convinced by any detail to offer in that farewell business lunch? That's because you always think of the same thing! We solve your doubts with our gourmet fruit baskets, a unique option to crown your most awaited event.
A detail that will awaken the sweet memories of the summer.

Give the gift of freshness and juiciness with our gourmet fruit baskets
We know that the first impression of a fruit basket as a gift may seem different and extravagant, but have you thought about the gestures of your loved ones when they receive a combination of freshness, juiciness and sweetness? we all dream of going back to our childhood andrelive the sensations that made us happy by simply enjoying the small details. A fresh and tasty piece of fruit can take someone back to a hot summer afternoon playing with friends or to a family meal talking to their grandparents.

Still think you can't reach their hearts with an original fruit basket?

What can you find in the original fruit baskets?
Our fruit baskets for gifts gather the best of our catalog, in order to make available to consumers products of the highest quality, mixing a wide range of colors and natural essences to surprise your colleagues or family! You will find:
The sweetness of mandarins
Are you a fan of taking a good handful of mandarins in season? In the original fruit baskets of our website you will find the most delicious of the market, because we take care of them with the utmost delicacy to achieve unique flavors.
The acidity of our lemons
Regala lemons quality lemons picked from our orchards by professionals and cared for with components that give them an unparalleled acidity. Have you ever bought this kind of fruit online? From now on you will repeat!
The unique touch of the grapefruits
The grapefruits from our catalog grapefruits from our catalog have an acidic and tasty flavor that has captivated many of our regular consumers; and that's why they always come back for more! Combine your gourmet fruit basket with these pieces and you won't regret it.
Natural quality oranges
The jewel in the crown! From Cítricos Siscaret we are specialized in the cultivation of orange trees with excellent results in the pieces of fruit we sell. That's why they had to crown the gourmet fruit baskets to give as gifts our oranges.
Tropical products
Would you like to add papayas and avocados It's time to get down to work! We have the tastiest tropical fruit to put the "icing on the cake" and give more value to your gift.

Why give our fruit baskets as a gift?
If you didn't know yet, surprise! Because from now on you can send your fruit basket at home. Forget about carrying the heavy basket of original Siscaret Citrus products and surprise your friends or family with a thoughtful detail at the door of their house. get in touch with us Do not hesitate and contact us for advice on those seasonal fruits that you can get in your gift, do not miss it and change the rules of the game now!