The best healthy lunches to take to school

Your little one is starting school and you are worried about how their ? The transition from home to school can be difficult, especially for protective parents who prefer to control their children's meals in order to maintain a balanced diet. That's why many choose to pack healthy lunches for school.

At Cítricos Siscaret we have decided to tell you which are the foods that can't be missed in this meal of the day, and the healthy breakfasts for school that we think are the most convenient. Take note!

Why prepare a healthy breakfast for children at school?

Children's health is one of the most frequently asked questions by new parents when their children enter a new school. What will their children eat? Will they follow the principles of a balanced diet? What kind of food should they take with them for breaks?

These and many other questions are repeated every year with the arrival of the new school year, and no wonder! Maintaining proper nutrition is a very important factor in theirgrowth and development, but also in the vitality and energy with which they face new challenges and experiences every day.

No one has the key to success in this area, as we always err on the side of including a sweet or sugary item in their lunch, but we can tell you about the best healthy school lunches for variety.


What are the must-have foods for a healthy school breakfast?

Before we tell you which are the most original and delicious healthy school lunches, it is important that you know which foods should be included in them. Who knows, you might come up with a new idea to surprise them!

Fruit, the least loved of lunches

Have you ever tried to give your child a piece of fruit, but he/she didn't want it? It's the most normal thing in the world! In general, children do not usually tolerate this type of food in their daily lives, but it is very important that they form part of their diet due to the large number of properties they have.

There are many ways to include them in your healthy school lunches, but the first step will be to get your hands on different types: oranges, mandarins, grapefruit or any other tropical fruit You can get them at Siscaret Citrus!

Dairy for more energy

Who doesn't like a smoothie or yoghurt as a healthy breakfast for school? This option is one of the most viable because it is easy to prepare and because of the many properties that your child can obtain from its consumption. Milk has been present in our diet since we were just babies!

However, we must be careful with this point because there are many ways in which we can switch from a healthy food to a product rich in artificial fats and sugars. In other words, the milk products your child drinks should be natural and free of saturated fats.

Cereals or nuts

Cereals have been part of our diet since we were little, or have you never had a bowl of cereal with milk? However, we must be clear about two things: that nuts cannot be fried, and that cereals must be wholemeal and unsweetened. Now everything seems different!

The 4 healthy school lunches you can't afford to miss

Now that you know the must-have foods for your healthy school lunches, it's time to get creative and mix and match! Who says healthy produce can't be fun? Read on to find out.

1. Sugar-free homemade pastries

It is possible to bring a balanced diet to the darker side of food! We are talking about sweets and pastries. These occupy a forbidden space in the minds of the most responsible parents, but it doesn't have to be like that, we now have the possibility of changing their preparation to make a delicious and healthy food.

For example, biscuits with oatmeal and pure chocolate chips or banana, vegan sweets with a minimum amount of sugar, or a chocolate ounce. You can also make sponge cakes with wholemeal flour or fruit jellies. There is a whole world of possibilities.


2. Fruit and yoghurt bowl

This is one of the healthy school breakfasts most recreated by parents, but also by those who choose to eat this meal at home to continue their diet. And it's too simple to be true!

All you have to do is pour a plain yoghurt with 0 sugars into a bowl, cut up pieces of fruit (banana, orange, strawberries or other options) and put them on top along with a handful of nuts or oats. This way you would be combining all three ingredients into one delicious dish.


3. Healthy fruit smoothies

A good smoothie is essential to keep your child happy while having a healthy lunch at school. And no, we're not talking about a processed supermarket smoothie or the well-known Actimel (which does your little one's health no favours), but a homemade blend of fruit, milk or yoghurt .

For more flavour, you can add brown sugar or any other sweetener that does not require brown sugar, such as coconut milk or vanilla.

4. Wholemeal sandwich

If you were wondering, yes, you can make your child a sandwich for school, but we recommend that it is made of wholemeal bread (much healthier than processed bread), and that the contents are not made up of standard but dangerous options such as Nutella, cheese and sausage or dulce de leche.

On the contrary, you can add peanut butter with banana, turkey breast , lettuce and tomato, pure cocoa cream, tortilla... etc.

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